Jehovah’s Witnesses Field Service Canvassing Tool 

Generate walking territories with addresses, names, and phone numbers



Witness to more people with Bresser's practical mapping tools and comprehensive database designed for today's Jehovah's Witnesses.

Bresser's Marketing Solutions has supplied data products to Kingdom Halls for over 35 years. Jehovah's Witnesses receive the tools they need to effectively tell about Jehovah God and his Kingdom.

  • Does inclement weather prevent you from walking your territory?
  • Do you have aging or disabled members in your Kingdom Hall who want to witness over the telephone or through the mail?
  • Is it difficult to witness to residents living in high-rise apartments and gated communities?

Bresser's has the solution. Our online directory has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents who can be reached via letters and phone calls. Witnessing doesn't need to stop when the weather is bad, it's difficult to get around, or you're cut off from high-rise apartments and gated communities.


Bresser's gives you access to:

  • Name
  •  Address
  • Phone number
  • Mapping tools

With Bresser's online compassing tools, Jehovah's Witnesses can develop a customized map of their walking territory, including full address and phone number of the residents they visit. Maps are easy to generate, based on street names or boundaries. Jehovah's Witnesses save time and energy by strategically planning a walking territory.


The process is simple:
1. You receive a username and password to access the online database.
2. You login to the database to create walking territories by mapping, radius or street names.
3. You export an .xls spreadsheet with a list of residents in that territory, along with their address and phone number.

Door-to-door, over the phone, or through the mail, you can easily share your message and distribute Bible-based literature with Bresser's canvassing tools. 


Identify Hispanic & Asian Households with our Last Name Search

Foreign Language Lists Available


Here’s how our online cross reference directory works:

You will receive a username and password which will give you access to our online database.

Once logged in you will be able to create walking territories by mapping, radius or street names.

Once you identified your territory you can export the resulting residents as an .xls spreadsheet

Data elements include name, address, city, state, zip & phone number

  • Map out territories with full address  & phone information
  • Contact residents of high rise apartments & gated communities with ease
  • Your field ministries don’t need to stop because of inclement weather
  • Disabled or elderly pioneers can write letters and make phone calls

 We have been supplying data products to Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Halls for over 35 years. 


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