National Change of Address (NCOA)

Over 40 million people move each year.

Do you know which one's from your in-house list they are?

Identify the people and businesses that have moved and update your list before you mail with our NCOALink processing. NCOALink finds people in your database that have moved and filed a change of address with the US Postal ServiceĀ®, within the last 48 months and provides their most recent address.

  • Effective November 23, 2008, the US Postal ServiceĀ® requires all mail submitted for discounted postage be Move Update processed every 95 days. NCOALink is the preferred option for compliance.
  • Don't spend money mailing to people that will not receive your marketing message. You'll spend money on the initial postage and probably on the return postage!
  • Many customers stop doing business with companies because they move and the company doesn't keep their account information updated. Gain back some of your past customers by updating your customer list regularly. A small investment in NCOA now, might pay big dividends later!

The Postal Service processes 118,152 address changes daily


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