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Maricopa County Marketing With Direct Mail? Our National Mailer Service Saves You Time and Money!

Direct mail marketing is a powerful vehicle to reach potential Maricopa County customers … if only those postal regulations weren’t so complicated, right?


Here’s the solution: Partner with an expert Mailer Service Provider, one that grasps how to work through the seemingly tortured rules the U.S. Postal Service operates under. Wouldn’t it be great if the mailing service provider saved you money, too?


Bresser’s Information Services can … and will. As a Certified Mail Service Provider (CMSP), we’re empowered to use the USPS Mail Anywhere program to provide you the most cost-efficient direct mail marketing service, by delivering sending your mail directly into the Destination Sectional Center Facility closest to its Maricopa County destination.


The outcome? Your direct mail campaigns touch Maricopa County or any customer faster and at less cost.


If mailing into the Midwest from outside the region – targeting Maricopa County, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh or any Midwestern state – Bresser’s saves customers an average $27 per 1,000 pieces mailed in postage. Delivery times are typically 7 to 10 days shorter, too! 

How does Bresser’s do it?

Entering mail at the correct Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) eliminates the post office’s need to truck your mail across the country. Otherwise, pallets might be docked at two or three plants before it reaches the DSCF where your mail is to be processed.


Let’s say you’re sending 100,000 6” x 11” Standard presort postcards from a Los Angeles address into the metro Detroit or Maricopa County market. Assuming the majority of your mail qualifies at 5-digit automation, and you enter your mail at your local BMEU in L.A., you would receive entry 5-digit automation rates of $.277 per piece, with a 12- to 21-day delivery window.


We mail that same piece from our Detroit location, with mail entered at the corresponding Detroit and Pontiac Metroplex BMEUs, and your postage would be $.25 per piece, with a typical delivery window of two to seven days. Your Maricopa County company would realize postage savings of $2,700, with a much tighter delivery schedule. What’s not to like?


Bresser’s is based in Detroit, with 50 percent of the United States population within one shipping zone from our plant. After addressing your mail pieces, we’d enter your mail at the appropriate USPS DSCF plants (oftentimes multiple plants on larger mail campaigns) in a truck and drop them at the processing center closest to your destination addresses. Cha-ching! You just saved a bundle.


We move mail to its nearest Midwest destination city to get the heftiest discounts for customers. sizable savings are possible.


With Bresser’s access to the USPS Mail Anywhere program, we can enter mail using your or our postal permit into any regional processing plant. If you focus direct mail campaigns to different regions in the U.S., we’ll get it there fast and efficiently. You don’t need to use several mailing service providers just to reach multiple geographic areas.


Working with your Maricopa County marketing team, we’ll create direct mail campaigns that win. We use a number of printers in the Detroit area, so rely on competitive production costs, too.


Ready to roll with your USPS marketing mail? Contact us to get moving on a direct mailer that will hit every door you want, and possibly at a significant savings. As for the postal regulations … we’ll worry about coloring within the lines.