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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Provides Reasonable Direct Mail Marketing in Your Hometown (or elsewhere)! 

Seeking to expand your business in a specific area? Every Door Direct Mail (through the U.S. Postal Service) offers affordable, effective direct mail marketing that lands your company’s offerings before LOTS of could-be customers.


Every Door Direct Mail, typically known as EDDM, lets you flood an area with your materials … but without the burden of mailing lists or a mail permit. You just need to select the carrier routes and drop date. Your mailer will arrive in every door!


Businesses that can benefit from EDDM mailing service are nearly endless: restaurants, salons, dentists, realtors, massage therapists, landscapers, auto dealerships … the possibilities go on. Is yours among them? 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is Easy and Efficient Direct Mail Marketing! 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) enables you to segment your campaign by carrier route … and at a fraction of the expense of traditional direct mail marketing. Your marketing piece is almost guaranteed to be scanned over, too – unlike e-mail marketing, it can’t be removed with a click!


EDDM uses flat size mailers, often oversized postcards. Don’t even think about “standard” postcards, however – EDDM postcards can be up to 12 inches high, or 15 inches long. Package smart design with a concise message. Your mailer will be hard to miss!


EDDM is a freshmeans to think about marketing your business on a targeted scope, without worrying about names or addresses. Having served in the direct mail marketing business since 1946, Bresser’s Marketing Solutions is ready to make your EDDM campaign a winner! 

Combine Your EDDM Campaign With a Mail Service Provider for Optimum Results! 

While EDDM seems uncomplicated, it’s still governed by defined USPS rules … so joining with a mail service provider (MSP) is a proactive step to get the best results.


With nearly eight decades’ experience, Bresser’s Marketing Solutions knows EDDM inside and out. We get your EDDM marketing out the door, and without any hangups.


During a time of far-flung staffing shortages, our capability to print, bundle and deliver your EDDM postcards to the post office promises that your campaign gets done. We’ll even review your design at no charge to ensure it complies with all USPS rules!


Don’t delay any more to put EDDM to work supporting your business. Contact us to learn more about our EDDM mailing service. We’ll do the lifting. You enjoy the rewards!