Fund-Raising for West Allis Non-Profits? Our Mail House Delivers Turnkey Mailing Service for Your Donation Campaigns!

Looking to launch a donation campaign for your West Allis non-profit organization … but unclear where to begin? Has the team member who supervised the last outreach retired or exited? Or, you’re just low on help and long on tasks to be done?


You want a turnkey mailing service that comprehends how direct mail for non-profits operates. In other words, you need Bresser’s Information Services, a mail service provider (MSP) that does the logistical limbo) for your West Allis direct mail fund-raising.


Using direct mail for {non-profit fund-raising can be imposing, and ripe for errors. How do non-profit postage rates work? Which types of organizations are eligible? Can any materials be mailed, or only specific types?


First, a definition. Non-profit mail is printed material eligible to be mailed as USPS Marketing Mail®, by organizations authorized by the Postal Service™, at considerably reduced non-profit postage rates.


You can reap sizable savings on postage … as long as you stick to the rules. Bresser’s Information Services knows them completely, and is ready to assist.


Remember, nothing that has to be sent via First Class Mail® is eligible for non-profit rates. The rules are well defined. Unbendable. Don’t even try.


So, what can you send at non-profit rates? Self-mailers, letters, newsletters and booklets weighing less than 16 ounces can classify for USPS Marketing Mail®.


Only materials of authorized organizations, registered as non-profits with USPS, can be mailed at non-profit rates. Put differently, don’t try to ride the non-profit status of another West Allis organization. It won’t end well. Authorized organizations are prohibited from sharing their mailing privilege. Obtain your own.


How? Complete PS Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail® Prices. Be ready to show evidence that your organization is a legal non-profit. Fill out the form entirely. Doing so can make the difference in a decision returning in days, versus weeks.


Is your West Allis organization eligible? Very likely, as long as your due diligence is complete. The classifications of organizations approved for Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail® costs are lengthy: philanthropic, religious, educational, veterans, scientific, labor, fraternal, political … the list goes on.


Got your non-profit authorization? Great. Let’s get to work. Bresser’s Information Services will mail on your organization’s behalf, using our mailing permit.


There’s a reason our name includes “services,” however. We don’t stop at preparing your mail for the largest postage savings, and dropping it at the post office.


We provide advice on designing your mail piece. Print your materials in full color. Populate and expand your mailing list, using recipients known to support certain causes. Polish up your list, removing vacant and duplicate addresses. Find new addresses for recipients who have moved.


Since its founding in 1946, Bresser’s Information Services has printed, addressed and mailed millions of donation campaign materials. We understand the regulations, the rates, and how to get your fund-raising outreach in the right hands.


Contact us to begin your next West Allis fund-raising effort. We’re a mail house, for sure – one dedicated to keeping your non-profit house strong, vibrant, and doing good work in the community.

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