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Looking for More Real Estate Leads? Our Real Estate Farming Tool Plants the Seeds to Grow Your Real Estate Business in a Targeted Dade County Area!

In (a hypercompetitive|an uber-competitive|an ultracompetitive|a highly competitive|a feverishly competitive} business such as real estate, creating real estate leads resembles farming: Find a fertile area, plant seeds, tend them diligently … and be ready to harvest when the moment is right!


Easier said than done, though. Dade County real estate prospecting can be a lengthy, drawn-out process. Many agents don’t have the resources, nor patience. If you have the latter, however, Bresser’s Realty Resource is the real estate farming tool that will guide you to create more listings, sell more properties and earn more commissions!


The tactic is identifying a target Dade County area, and becoming the “go-to” realtor for these homeowners. Employ a real estate directory to build relationships via direct communication. As your garden grows, you’ll find motivated sellers before your competition! 

Start Planting With Our Real Estate Farming Tool

A “Sold” sign is powerful marketing for your business. It’s static, though. How do you proactively touch base with surrounding Dade County homes to inform them you sold a neighboring property? With Bresser’s Realty Resource, all the real estate prospecting information you need is at the ready. Call, mail or e-mail them – it’s your option!


Bresser’s Realty Resource, THE real estate farming tool, provides you the tools: names and addresses of homeowners in and around the Dade County area. Cell phone numbers. E-mail addresses. It’s all you need!


Don’t let your business development rely entirely on referrals or, worse yet, on luck. With more than 350 markets covered nationwide, Bresser’s real estate directory has the information to get excited about your real estate farming! 

Real Estate Lead Generation? Start Farming for Listings!

Even if you haven’t sold a home in the Dade County area, real estate lead generation is possible with smart planting and cultivation. Are you prepared to start farming for listings?


Using Bresser’s Realty Resource, THE real estate directory for marketing information, you can connect with people likely to sell – and check in with those who have no immediate plans. With the right resources, prospecting for seller listings becomes a well-defined process.


How? Deliver value that implants your name in Dade County homeowners’ minds.


Reach out with updates on local real estate market conditions. Or sports schedules. Or local events. Or recipes. What else might they want to know?


Send an occasional tangible item – a pad of writing paper, or sticky notes, or a calendar. Perhaps a pen to write on them, too!


Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and introduce yourself, as well. With Bresser’s Realty Resource, you can greet people by name. Nothing succeeds like a personal connection!


Ready to plant the seeds for real estate leads … and start your farming for Dade County listings? Contact us for your market-specific real estate farming tool – and prepare to dig in!