X-DATES Online

X-Dates Online is the only marketing tool insurance agents need!

We now have unlimited cellphones & emails you can use!

Don't waste time trying to sell homeowners new insurance policies when they have already renewed their policies. Make sure you contact prospective customers when you are more likely to sell them.


Insurance agents know that in order to sell a new insurance policy to a homeowner, it's important to know when their current policy expires. With X-DATES Online, now you can!

Insurance X-date Coverage Areas

With X-DATES Online, you can:

  • Choose homeowners by purchase date of their homes, which typically corresponds to the ex-date of their insurance coverage.
  • Identify households that have more than one vehicle, to target them with multi-vehicle discounts.
  • Find prospects that are like your current customers.
  • Access purchase information of the property - purchase date, purchase amount and estimated home value.
  • Create marketing lists neighbors of your current customers.
  • Export resident information to create personalized mailers to new prospects.

Below is a sample screenshot of our Insurance X-Date Program



A low annual subscription allows you to reach your marketing goals throughout the year!


With coverage in over 350 geographic areas, your insurance agency will benefit from X-DATES Online!


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