Bresser's is certified for USPS Mail Anywhere Program

The USPS Mail Anywhere Program provides Bresser's with special permissions to send full-service mail using your or our permit to any Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). After a 90 day review the USPS trusts that our mail is processed correctly; our full-service mailings can now be verified at any Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). Mail owners outside of the Midwest States can take advantage of local DSCF* entry postal discounts and reduced freight costs into outlying DSCF's. We are based in Detroit MI and have access to some of the most cost-effective printers in the country.

We can save you Time & Money on your next direct mail campaign

  • Manage your postal payments for all your full-service mail from one permit
  • Speed up In house delivery times by entering your mail at the correct DSCF
  • Reduce freight cost by printing and mailing within local regions
  • We work with Michigan's most cost-effective union & non-union printers; our customers have consistently found their quality & prices to be outstanding.
  • Our Mail tracking portals allow you to track entry & scans on all your full-service mail campaigns
  • We can have your mail co-mingled locally to further reduce costs and delivery times.

*DSCF discounts on 5 digit mail save $24 per thousand

Bresser's is a USPS Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider

We are here to help simplify your mail campaigns